Biomass is biological material originating from living, or recently living organisms. Biomass for energy is generally from plant material, but biomass can also be from animal waste.

What is the difference between BIOMASS and FOSSIL FUELS?

BIOMASS is the matter from plants that have taken carbon out of the air as carbon dioxide in recent times. This is then burnt and displaced back into the atmosphere, as it was before.

By burning the fuel we are displacing less carbon than if the wood were to rot on the floor. Also if a tree is planted every time a tree is felled the younger tree takes out approximately twice the amount of carbon dioxide as the older tree in its attempt to grow.

Also, biomass does not only cover trees, it covers plants also, this means that waste products such as rape seed straw, (which is generally put back on the floor), can be burned.

FOSSIL FUELS (coal, oil and gas) were originally biological material (plants), but the carbon these plants took out of the atmosphere is from millions of years ago, therefor by burning this we are adding more carbon monoxide to the atmosphere and increasing the greenhouse effect.

In conclusion, the difference between BIOMASS and FOSSIL FUELS is that biomass is carbon that has recently been taken from the atmosphere, and uses a waste product such as windblown timber and brash from trees.

If biomass fuels are grown on a professional scale, the operation forms a continuous cycle as the fuel, whether it is Short Rotation Coppice, Straw, Miscanthus, Coppice Woodland or Forest's, there for biomass is a RENEWABLE energy.

Fossil fuels on the other hand are plants from millions of years ago, there for when burnt they are releasing carbon that has not been in the atmosphere for millions of years and add to the greenhouse effect. Also fossil fuels are not a renewable energy, so therefore will one day run out.

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