What about our very first Biomas Boiler Install?

Our first biomass boiler installation was a Heizomat RHK-AK 155, with a maximum out put of 149 KW. The installation was at Carlshead Farms, which is owned by Gareth Gaunt, the boiler heats a block of award winning offices, and 2 large houses, via a district heating system. The unit gets a return from the commercial RHI.

This installation had an agitator over 4.5 meters, it therefor required a chain conveyor, to drop the agitator to a horizontal position, this is to put equal loadings on the agitator arms.

Chain conveyor

The Heizomat chain conveyor.

5 meter heizomat agiataor

A strong and robust Heizomat Agitator.

The boiler runs on a variety of fuels, such as coppice willow, and is happy to take fuels with a moisture content up to 30%.

RHK-AK 155 combustion chamber

RHK-AK 155 combustion chamber

The boiler is specced with a 240 liter ash bin, and also Smart server with SMS.

The New Heizomat TS7 Control unit


  • the new ts7 panel

    The new Heizomat Siemens TS7 panel is easy to use and packed with more features than ever

  • Sensational technology with self-explanatory menu navigation. This is the new Touch Control TS7 with Simatic. 30 years of experience in combustion technology and state-of-the-art Siemens technology characterise the best Heizomat control unit of all time.Thanks to the industrial quality and the use of Siemens components a global availability of replacement parts as well as a long life cycle are guaranteed. The new system has improvements such as firebed forming, which is a lower set of parameters on the panel to stop the fire being quenched at lower heat outputs. The ability to manually control boiler operations from the panel home page is also included, plus far more…What do i get?
  • Load stage regulation / Firebed forming / Lambda regulation
  • Return flow increase
  • Return-temperature monitoring
  • Operating hours counter for various operation processes
  • Sm@rtServer for visualisation on a smartphone or PC
  • Selection of various fuels which are freely definable
  • Chimney sweep mode for full and part load measurement
  • Measured value recording from 2 to 48 hours
  • External boiler temperature setting
  • Either 4 or 7-inch screen sizes

and much more!

Welcome To Our New Blog.

Hello and welcome to our new blog!

Here at Everlast Energy we thought it was about time we gave customers, potential customers, and other interested parties, the chance to receive updates about what’s going on around us. So this blog will give you and our other readers incites to our installs, events, and other areas of progress.

Thanks, The Everlast Energy Team