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What about our very first Biomas Boiler Install?

Our first biomass boiler installation was a Heizomat RHK-AK 155, with a maximum out put of 149 KW. The installation was at Carlshead Farms, which is owned by Gareth Gaunt, the boiler heats a block of award winning offices, and 2 large houses, via a district heating system. The unit gets a return from the commercial RHI.

This installation had an agitator over 4.5 meters, it therefor required a chain conveyor, to drop the agitator to a horizontal position, this is to put equal loadings on the agitator arms.

Chain conveyor

The Heizomat chain conveyor.

5 meter heizomat agiataor

A strong and robust Heizomat Agitator.

The boiler runs on a variety of fuels, such as coppice willow, and is happy to take fuels with a moisture content up to 30%.

RHK-AK 155 combustion chamber

RHK-AK 155 combustion chamber

The boiler is specced with a 240 liter ash bin, and also Smart server with SMS.