The New Heizomat TS7 Control unit


  • the new ts7 panel

    The new Heizomat Siemens TS7 panel is easy to use and packed with more features than ever

  • Sensational technology with self-explanatory menu navigation. This is the new Touch Control TS7 with Simatic. 30 years of experience in combustion technology and state-of-the-art Siemens technology characterise the best Heizomat control unit of all time.Thanks to the industrial quality and the use of Siemens components a global availability of replacement parts as well as a long life cycle are guaranteed. The new system has improvements such as firebed forming, which is a lower set of parameters on the panel to stop the fire being quenched at lower heat outputs. The ability to manually control boiler operations from the panel home page is also included, plus far more…What do i get?
  • Load stage regulation / Firebed forming / Lambda regulation
  • Return flow increase
  • Return-temperature monitoring
  • Operating hours counter for various operation processes
  • Sm@rtServer for visualisation on a smartphone or PC
  • Selection of various fuels which are freely definable
  • Chimney sweep mode for full and part load measurement
  • Measured value recording from 2 to 48 hours
  • External boiler temperature setting
  • Either 4 or 7-inch screen sizes

and much more!


  1. This is truly great to know. I hope it will be successful in the long term. Excellent work on this and hold up the great perform.

    • Thanks ray ban,
      We’ve just installed three of these new panels (one for an RHK-AK 75 boiler, one on an HSK-RA 150 boiler, and one on a RHK-AK 155 boiler), and are happy to say that we think they are great, much more user friendly than the old system and it looks better too.

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