Precitech Blowers - The Ultimate In Blown Delivery Systems!

Whether it's commercial, residential, landscaping, biomass fuel delivery, animal bedding, or compost, Everlast Energy can offer the solution using the Precitech Environment Blower.

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The Precitech Environment blower is a completely unique, patented design. The lightweight system can be fitted to almost any8 body system due to its compact design, allowing you to get into some of the most awkward situations. The ability to fit the Precitech system to existing units means you don't necessarily have to invest in a new trailer or truck, significantly reducing your investment.

But What Can I Use It For?

The Precitech Blower can be used for a variety of tasks:

  • Bio-energy: wood chips and wood pellets
  • Landscaping: mulching, playground floors, etc.
  • General industry: powders or plastic pellets
  • Agriculture: Livestock food, animal bedding

And more

Why Choose The Precitech Blower?

There are several advantages to the Precitech Environment blower:

  • Can be adapted and mounted on a wide variety of vehicles/trailers.
  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • Does not require any dedicated vehicle or new investment
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Powerful yet compact units
  • Easy operation- remote control allows one man operation
  • Reliable and proven design with industrial grade components
  • Air flow based design that preserves product quality - versus an air pressure system that damages material
  • No air lock valve for bark mulch application
  • No expensive wear parts to maintain


There are 2 configurations available, the TGB-S and the TGB-R. The configuration is determined by the product that is going to be transported most. See table:

Blower system configuration