Case Study: Biomass boiler (HSK-RA 100) installation

About this customer:

This customer is the owner of a large house in Yorkshire.  He runs his boiler on woodchip produced from the brash material from his own woodlands. Prior to installing the biomass boiler, this material was normally left on the woodland floor, which produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as burning it in a biomass boiler.

About the boiler:

HSK-RA 100 biomass boiler runs on woodchip made from forest brash.
The fuel store is 35 cubic meters with an agitator of 3.4 meters. The fuel store is filled by a chain conveyor (Heizochain). The chain conveyor moves woodchip at approx. 30 M3/h. The delivery of fuel into the fuel store is a primary consideration whenever fitting a biomass heating system.

What this customer thinks:

Despite being on the mains gas grid, I had a biomass boiler installed, partly because of the reduction in my carbon footprint, but also because of the financial rewards, both from the renewable heat incentive/green deal and also from turning a prior forestry cost of disposing of brash to one of a carbon neutral source of energy.

We had some minor problems regarding taking the delivery of woodchip but these were quickly remedied. We also had some initial issues with stones being delivered with the woodchip due to the method of collecting brash from the forest floor; however these issues have been resolved. It is testament to the boiler that it didn't object to these stones and were transported through augers and rotary valve without fault. Delivery takes place smoothly and effectively.

My house is heated exclusively from the Heizomat biomass boiler which has been very reliable and cost effective.

The experience of installing a Heizomat biomass boiler from Everlast Energy was, from the initial engagement, through specification, design and commissioning, very straightforward and professional, every step of the way.