Case Study: Gareth Gaunt - RHK-AK 155

About Mr Gaunt:

Gareth is the owner of a 500 acre farm in Sicklinghall. 120 acres of this is planted as short rotation coppice willow. Some of this is used in his own Heizomat RHK-AK 155 boiler, but most is sent to Drax power station.

Gareth is a member of REGRO, a farmer cooperative for growers of renewable fuels, supplying heat schemes all across Yorkshire and Drax Power Station.

About Mr Gaunt's Boiler:

Gareth has a HEIZOMAT RHK-AK 155 boiler. With a maximum KW/h output of 149 KW. He uses it to heat a small Business Centre, and 2 houses through a small district heating scheme. All units are individually heat metered, and the installation benefits from the Commercial RHI.

What Gareth thinks:

Everlast Energy has been very professional in sourcing, installing, and commissioning my Heizomat Boiler. The unit is a huge step forward in terms of technology and has made my life very much simpler. It is quiet, reliable, robust, and very tolerant of moisture and quality of chip.

We have been successfully experimenting with using chipped brash as a cheaper and very available fuel source.