Heizomat Biomass Boiler - HSK-RA

The HSK-RA biomass boiler series can burn wood chips, pellets and wood shavings and shows optimal results.

The fuel is transported uniformly into a ceramic lined combustion chamber. In a short time the fuel is ignited via a glow bar. Air is supplied by two fans, the primary air supply is transferred through two air nozzles that go via the glow bar directly into the combustion area. Secondary air is supplied through a special air duct built into the ceramic lining. A lambda sensor in the flu pipe regulates the blowing of secondary air ensuring a uniform and clean combustion.

A rotating arm pushes any ash made from the combustion through the grate and onto the de-ashing auger, this is then moved via an archimedes screw into the ash bin. Ash which makes its way into the heat exchanging pipes is removed by close fitting archamedes screws down into the ash settleing chamber, this ash is then moved by the de-ashing auger into the ash bin, the whole de-ashing process is operated by one motor.

Dependingon on the fuel quality there can be as little as 1% ash from the fuel burnt, this means that for every 1 cubic metre burnt only 10 cubic centremetre of ash would be produced.

The HSK-RA boilers are available from 14.9 KW to 200KW.

Rotating arm
Rotating arm
Auger (worm)
Rotating arm for good quality fuels
Rotating arm for poorer quality fuels
Auger (Worm)