Heizomat Biomass Boiler - RHK-AK

The RHK-AK boiler series is especially efficient in burning renewable resources and can burn poorer quality fuels.

The fuel is transported uniformly into the cylindrical combustion chamber that has a refractory lining. In a short time the fuel is ignited via a glow bar. Air is supplied by two fans, the primary air supply is transferred via a high temperature refractory lining into the combustion area. Secondary air is supplied through a special air duct within the refractory lining. A lambda sensor in the flu pipe regulates the blowing of secondary air ensuring a uniform and clean combustion.

The de-ashing of the RHK-AK system is done with the help of an ash chain that follows through the lengh of the boiler. This means that any stones, clinker or nails in poor quality fuel can be transported almost problem free to the ash bin. Cleaning of the heat exchanger pipes happens in the same way as the HSK-RA series, tight fitting archimedes screws move the ash down the pipes and onto the ash chain, this then transports the ash into the ash bin. The ash bins range from a 45 litre capacity up to 900 litres.

The RHK-AK series are offered from 30KW up to 990 KW