Heizomat Agitator & Collector

The Heizomat articulated arm collector was designed by heizomat for agitating wood fuels, an agitator is needed as wood chips can bridge up to 6 metres across.

The articulated arm discharger, developed by Heizomat, has a range of sizes from 1.0 to 7.0 metres. The collecting arms fold underneath the presure plate at a height of approximately 0.5 metres and above.

The infeed auger transports the fuel from the bunker. The collecting arms push the fuel into the infeed auger and also stops bridgeing. As more fuel is removed from the buker the collector arms fold out further.

After this the infeed auger goes into closed channel, which is formed to a basic rohmbus shape, this rhombus shape allows longer shards or foreign matter to be transported along the sides, reducing the chances of a blockage.

At the end of the auger is a precutting claw to reduce the size of any long shards. a safty switch is autamatically activated if if there is mechanical overloading or a blockage.

Fuel is then dropped into an air tight Rotary cutting valve, this acts as a fire stop and cuts down long shards to reduce the chance of a blockage in the inclined infeed auger.

The inclined infeed auger transports the fuel into the combustion chamber, the inclined auger reduces the chance of burn back as fire does not like to travel downhill.

The infeed augers are driven by two electronic gear drive motors and the conversion inside the bunker to the collector arms is managed by a maintanance free gear box, which is sealed against dust.

Rotary agitator
Gear drive motor
Rotary Agitator
Gear drive motor