Wood Fuel Delivery

Heizomat realise that it is sometimes difficult to get fuel into bunkers which are not subterranean. So they've eased the problem by developing two fuel transportation mechanisms:




Heizotrans woodchip auger

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A woodchip auger transportation device. Tip into a hopper (designed to your requirments) on the end of the auger and transport the chip at an angle of up to 45 degrees, it is possible that the system can move up to 40 m/h. There are various different drive systems for Heizoschneck including electric motor, hydrolic pack, and p.t.o drive. This system is more suitable than the Heizotrans for rural areas as it is much quieter. Download the brochure>>

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A woodchip blowing mechanism which can blow chip up to 15 metres vertically, and can blow up to 60 m/h.

Woodchip blowers are good for industrial areas as you can stack the chip high up and in hard to reach areas. They are not sutable for for residential areas as they a quite loud.
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